Why I have a crush of Matthew Flinders

Posted on Friday 15 March 2013

At the tender age of 27, Matthew Flinders took command of HMS Investigator under Admiralty instructions to chart and explore the last unknown Australi...

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The Port Adelaide Sailing Club

Posted on Monday 04 February 2013

Just below the north-west end of Port Adelaide’s Birkenhead Bridge is an empty inlet, without boats or any sign of human activity.  Apart from the ...

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A Port Adelaide Dredge’s Forgettable Career

Posted on Tuesday 27 November 2012

In the early morning of 2nd October 1979, the night watchman on the dredge H.C. Meyer, Wally Patro, contacted the signal station at Outer Harbour adv...

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Naval Gunner’s Historic Journal Revealed

Posted on Thursday 01 November 2012

When the South Australian Maritime Museum received a donation of various personal possessions that previously belonged to a naval officer who had serv...

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Whiz Bang IV

Whiz Bang IV

Posted on Wednesday 03 October 2012

Written by Emily Jateff | October 3rd, 2012 Whiz Bang IV belongs to the last generation of timber powerboats. Its plywood clinker hull was built by JP...

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Skis, saggy swimmers and stretchy rope

Posted on Monday 13 August 2012

Written by Jan Perry| August 13th, 2012 This photograph, taken from the back of the cabin-cruiser Heatherbelle or its predecessor, shows that home-ma...

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Torrens Island Quarantine Station

Torrens Island Quarantine Station rediscovered

Posted on Monday 04 June 2012

Written by Kevin Jones | June 4th, 2012 Torrens Island Quarantine Station has stood in splendid isolation since the 1880s … until we provided tours ...

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