Item Donations

Our collection has grown over the past 140 years through the generosity of people who have donated objects to us. Some of those objects have been family treasures placed with the SA Maritime Museum to ensure they are preserved for future generations. Others have been the collections of shipping companies, sail makers or boat yards. Their generosity has built a great collection.

The Museum holds almost 20,000 objects and more than 20,000 photographs. We are careful to set priorities for how the collection grows, to make sure that we do not duplicate material that we already hold and that we have the resources to care for any new material we accept.

Our current priorities are artefacts, paintings and documents that can help to portray the early history of the state including exploration, nineteenth-century immigration, whaling, sealing and shipbuilding.

To help us with your offer, please describe the object you would like to donate. Provide as much detail as you can and if possible a photograph.

  • What is the history of the object?
  • Where was it made? Who made it and when?
  • Do you now any stories about people connected to the object?
  • What condition is the object in?
  • What are its measurements?

Our collection is founded on public support.

Item donations

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