The Bird Collections of the Baudin Expedition, 1803-1804

Dwarf emus captured on Kangaroo Island were caged in wooden pens on Geographe’s deck and force fed wine and rice mash when they refused to eat on the voyage home. As well as live specimens of black swans and cockatoos, Nicolas Baudin’s expedition (1800 -1804) returned with over 1000 bird skins. 75 new bird taxa were described as a result of this rich scientific haul. Baudin’s was one of the most successful scientific expeditions of the 19th century.

Join visiting Dutch ornithologist Justin Jansen at the South Australian Maritime Museum as he guides you through the stunning collection of birds brought back by the French expedition in 1804. Justin has followed the feathered tail of Baudin’s birds throughout Europe’s rich collections and his talk will showcase the fascinating findings that form the basis of his PhD thesis.

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