The Big Book of Pirates: HeapsGood Productions

Come along on an adventure with a kooky crew of wannabe pirates as they bumble their way across the seven seas with The Big Book of Pirates as their guide.

Do Captain Theodore Salmonbeard (Micheal Mills) and crewmate Winnifred Cummberbatch (Kate Neville) have what it takes to join the ranks of celebrated swashbucklers like Bluebeard or Long John Silver? Or will it all end in disaster and mayhem?

This live musical performance by HeapsGood Productions will delight the young and young-at-heart, and reveal why being a pirate is most likely a very daft career choice!

Come dressed in your best pirate gear to show these blundering buccaneers how it’s done – and go in the draw to win a prize!

Date: Saturday 6 January, Sunday 7 January, Monday 8 January, Tuesday 9 January
Time: 11am & 1pm (duration: 30 minutes)
Cost: Included with paid Museum admission