South Australia’s History Festival – Finding Flinders: The Man behind the Map

Who was Matthew Flinders?  What made him tick?

Born at the end of the Age of Enlightenment and growing up as Romanticism gripped Europe,  Flinders was the embodiment of these seemingly irreconcilable movements. His achievements as a navigator and leader are impressive, but he was much more than an action hero.

In her new book Matthew Flinders: The Man behind Map, scholar Gillian Dooley interrogates primary sources to discover Flinders as a friend; a son, a brother, a father and a husband; as a writer, a researcher, a reader, and a musician – and above all as a romantic scientist.

Join Gillian in conversation with ‘Mr South Australia’, Keith Conlon and snap up a discounted copy of The Man Behind the Map  published by Wakefield Press.

What: Finding Flinders: The Man Behind the Map
Where: South Australian Maritime Museum | 126 Lipson St, Port Adelaide
Dates: Thursday 26 May – 6.30 pm
Cost: Free (bookings required)

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