School Holidays at the museum – The Big Book of Pirates

The crazy crew from Heaps Good Productions are back to their swashbuckling best with a tale of piracy and adventure on the high seas!

Well… almost! The Big Book of Pirates is a guide for the brave, the not so brave, and the total scaredy-cats amongst you, into the world of what it takes to be a pirate!

Join the not quite ferocious Captain Salmon Beard, and his not very mean and only a little bit horrible crew, as they bumble their way across one or two of the seven seas, with The Big Book of Pirates as their guide!

Do they have what it takes to join the celebrated pantheon of such famous pirates as Bluebeard, Long John Silver, and the notorious pirate queen Teuta of Illyria? Or will it all end in disaster, mayhem, and an awkward retreat back home?

Do you have what it takes? Come dressed in your pirate gear, follow the crew on their blundering misadventures, and maybe even show them a thing or two!

Don't miss out!

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