Museums in the Port


Did you know the Maritime Museum is not the only museum in Port Adelaide? Or even on Lipson Street?

The National Railway Museum and the South Australian Aviation Museum round out our Museums in the Port trifecta.

We’ve joined up with our fellow transport friends to form the Museums in the Port – an easier way for you to see every boat, train and plane we have to offer.

When attending one of the museums, you will receive a Museums in the Port brochure outlining all the wonderful things to see, which will give you 25% off your admission at the remaining two museums.

So when attending the SA Maritime Museum, simply hold onto your brochure and take it down to the Railway and Aviation to receive your 25% discount.

But wait, there’s more!

Recently, we have also welcomed the team from the City of Adelaide into the club – so you’ll get 25% off admission to the clipper ship too!

Head into either of the three museums or the clipper ship to grab your discount brochure.


Find out more:

South Australian Aviation Museum

National Railway Museum

Clipper Ship – City of Adelaide 


Offer expires two months after initial entry into the first museum or the clipper ship.