Discover the stories behind my face!

The Maritime Museum holds a collection of over 20,000 objects. Each has a special story.

The hat

Wooden canoe bailer from New Guinea, donated to the Port Adelaide Nautical Museum.

The horns

Part of wind vane from the auxiliary schooner Fides

The eyes

Engraving of jellyfish from a drawing by Charles- Alexandre Lesueur, artist on the voyage of French navigator Nicolas Baudin (1800 -1804)

The face

Phillips Planisphere was used by astronomers to identify stars, constellations and planets. Two disks rotate on a common pivot that can be adjusted to display the visible stars for any time and date.

The mouth

Life ring from the dredge South Australian owned by South Australia's Department of Marine and Harbors.

The chin

Epaulette from uniform. Epaulettes were introduced into the Royal Navy in 1795 and worn on the shoulders to signify rank