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Come aboard and explore!

INVESTIGATE is an immersive marine science experience designed to educate, engage and inspire. It provides people the opportunity to explore Australia’s vast marine estate and the important work of the CSIRO Marine National Facility.

Investigate is a self-contained immersive cinema experience housed in a re-purposed shipping container. The container’s roof and two sides are equipped with video walls and a state-of-the-art sound system.

Join us aboard Australia’s advanced blue-water research vessel, RV Investigator and choose from one of four immersive videos exploring the biological, oceanographic and geological research that happens on-board RV Investigator along with the capabilities and technology of the ship itself.

Ride the waves in an Antarctic storm, fly through the atmosphere on a data-stream and dive into the abyss to uncover the mysteries of the deep, without getting your feet wet!

Investigate will be placed on McLaren Wharf (at the end of Lipson St), Port Adelaide.