Part Three: Shelter at the Seaview

The Methodist Church Aldinga (Christobel Kelly)


Of the 28 crew on board that night, only 11 survived. The survivors were taken to the Port Willunga Seaview Hotel for treatment and shelter.

The dead were buried at the Aldinga Cemetery on the afternoon of Sunday 15 July, 1888. Not long after, local residents erected a granite obelisk over the mass grave. The Marine Board was heavily criticized for its inadequate response to the disaster and a protest was held in Port Adelaide where over 1000 people denounced the government for making cutbacks to rescue equipment, lighthouse keepers and life boats.

The Bodies In The Garden Sleep On And Dream That They Are Sea Dogs (Christobel Kelly)

The many eye witnesses to the tragedy ensured that the Star of Greece shipwreck went down in history. The vast majority of the wreck remains at the bottom of the ocean just off Port Willunga, however, many objects and artefacts from the wreck were taken from the site and reside in museum collections as well as in people’s homes.

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