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Phone: 08 8207 6255
Fax: 08 8207 6266
Post: 126 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide, South Australia 5015


For all enquiries

For media enquiries or to arrange an interview, please contact Kristy Rebbeck, Marketing, Communications & Partnerships Manager on 8203 9869.

Adam Paterson

Adam is a cultural heritage professional with a wide range of experience. Read more about Adam Paterson >
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Amy Pyatt

For many people, Amy is their first contact at the Museum. She manages bookings for schools and groups, assists with public inquiries and rosters volunteer crews.  Read more about Amy Pyatt >

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Karen Sellar

Karen manages the day to day operations of the Museum including running the exhibition building, visitor services, holiday programs and our volunteers program.  Read more about Karen Sellar >
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Kevin Jones

Kevin has worked in state and national museums for over twenty years and is a past president of the Australian Maritime Museums Council. Kevin believes the great strength of the SA Maritime Museum is the ambience of its heritage buildings and its location in the state’s first heritage precinct. Read more about Kevin Jones >
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Lindl Lawton

Lindl has worked in museums in Queensland, NSW, ACT and Victoria. She manages the SA Maritime Museum’s program of changing exhibitions exploring new areas of history. Lindl also manages the Museum’s collection, how it is conserved and researched and what new artefacts are added to it. Read more about Lindl Lawton >
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Sally Brock

Sally is seconded to the Museum from the Department of Education and Child Development. Read more about Sally Brock >

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Stuart Davie

Stuart manages the steam tug Yelta, police launch Archie Badenoch, and our collection of large objects including the Port Adelaide Lighthouse. He depends on the support of a crew of fifty volunteers. Stuart is qualified as a master mariner and a marine engine driver. Read more about Stuart Davie >
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