Examine objects from a ‘shipwreck.’ Using a grid system engage in a hands-on activity to learn about marine archaeology methods. Examine objects from the shipwreck to determine the type of vessel the items came from and what they can tell us about the way people lived in the past.

SuitabilityR – Year 3

$6 per student (without a Port River cruise)
$8.50 per student (with a Port River cruise)

Availability: Monday – Friday

Program includes:

  • A facilitated archaeology workshop
  • Self guided trail to explore the museum’s exhibits
  • Opportunity to navigate from the top of the Port Adelaide lighthouse to identify local landmarks
  • Port River cruise (optional)

Teacher Resources:

Please print the following resources for your visit:

Australian Curriculum – Historical Skills:

Reception – Year 2:

Distinguish between the past, present and future.

Identify and compare features of objects from the past and present

Year 3:

Locate relevant information from sources provided.

Identify different points of view.