Leviathan: The astonishing science and history of whales

Examine the South Australian Maritime Museum’s newest temporary exhibition Leviathan: The astonishing science and history of whales.

All Leviathan education programs align with the Australian Curriculum: Science and HASS.

Optional: Include a half hour Port River cruise as part of your visit for an additional $2.50 per student.

For further information and to book please call the museum on 8207 6255.

Challenge your student’s thinking and unpack the following concepts:

  • Function (Whale science)
  • Change (Conservation and sustainability)
  • Perspective (Subsistence and commercial whaling)
  • Connection (Spiritual and cultural connections – Australia, Asia Pacific and Arctic Regions)

Whale Tales

Suitability: Reception – Year 2

Learn about whale behaviour and conservation in a facilitated, inquiry based education session.

Engage in hands on activities to discover the different types of whales and their features.

Examine the changes in the whaling industry over time, comparing the past with the present.

Use the exhibits to work collaboratively and solve a whale challenge.

Play in our Rockpool creative area and dress up as marine creatures.

Cost: $6 per student

Whale Tales Resource

Whales – Beneath the Surface

Suitability: Years 3 to 5

Engage in a facilitated, hands on learning session to gain an understanding of the structural features and adaptations that help whales survive in their environment.

Participate in debates to examine different viewpoints on the actions, events and issues whales face now and in the past.

Use the exhibits to work collaboratively and solve a whale challenge.

Play a collaborative game to develop and awareness and understanding of the relationship between whales, other marine animals and the environment.

Cost: $6 per student

Beneath the Surface Resource

Leviathan: iPad Digital Inquiry

Suitability: Years 5-7

Participate in a facilitated education session to examine how the growth and survival of whales are affected by the conditions of their environment.

Work collaboratively, using iPads (provided) to navigate the exhibition and unpack the key concepts through a range of inquiry challenges.

Teachers will be provided with a code so that student responses can be uploaded upon returning to school. This data can be used to gauge understanding and inform future learning engagements.

Cost: $7 per student

Leviathan iPad Resource

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