Digital iPad Inquiry Trails – Explorers and Bound for South Australia

Use iPads to engage with the South Australian exhibitions, Bound for South Australia and First Voyages.

It is recommended that classes use the Museum’s set of iPads rather than bring their own. Please speak with our bookings officer to arrange a loan.

Upon returning to school, teachers are able to download student responses and assess understanding, which can be used to inform future learning engagements.

Prior knowledge

The supporting teacher resources suggest prior knowledge, tasks and learning engagements.

Cost: $7 per student 
(without cruise)
Add $2.50 to include a half hour Port River cruise aboard the historic police vessel, the Archie Badenoch.

Price includes access to the Museum and the opportunity to climb the Port Adelaide lighthouse.

Bound for South Australia Digital iPad Inquiry

Suitability: Years 4 – 6

Students use iPads to engage with the Bound for South Australia exhibition. This digital inquiry explores the concept of migration and examines the conditions people experienced voyaging to Australia between 1836 and the 1950s.

English, HASS – Geography & History

Availability:  Terms 1 to 4

Bound for South Australia Digital Inquiry Teacher Resource 

Exploration Digital iPad Inquiry

Suitability: Year 4

From the early 117th-century European explorers searched the Pacific region looking for new goods to trade, land to settle, and specimens of flora and fauna to enhance scientific knowledge. This historical inquiry explores the concept of exploration, the journeys and discoveries that took place in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Availability:  Terms 1 to 4

Exploration Digital Inquiry Teacher Resource