Vetter og villskap “Spirits and wildness”

Vetter og villskap (“Spirits and wildness”) is a collaboration between Norwegian folknik Petter Attila Naessan (banjo, Appalachian dulcimer, vocals), Indigenous singer-songwriter/language revivalist Corey Theatre (guitar, vocals) and violin virtuoso Ashley Turner, who also assists with vocals.

The material is an eclectic mix of new arrangements of Scandinavian folk tunes; original melodies and words; newly written Norwegian texts set to arrangements of North American folk melodies; a Scottish reel, and a rewritten English medieval ballad.

This performance is a bardic series of events about vetter; powerful, mysterious, often malignant beings, how they interact with humans, and how – at times – these forces may be defeated by love, music, and knowledge.

Date & time
Sat 10 June: 7.30pm

1 hour

Adult: $25.00
Concession: $15.00
Child up to 12: Free

Bookings required via link

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