School Holiday Fun – The Bigger Book of Pirates, A Dragon’s Tale

Join Captain Salmonbeard and his reluctant crew for another perilous adventure on the seven seas.

The bumbling crew of scallywags and misfits have become lost at sea on their very first attempt at becoming ‘real’ pirates

While wallowing in the watery wilderness, a mysterious, though strangely familiar visitor, emerges from the depths and offers them help. The crew are going to having to write their own book of piracy as they’ve strayed so far off course, the original Big Book of Pirates is now useless. And according to pirate legend, that book can only be written in dragon’s blood…

The Bigger Book of Pirates is an adventure packed with surprises, on an ocean of possibility. Produced by the ever popular HeapsGood Productions, The Bigger Book of Pirates features performers from both HeapsGood and the critically acclaimed Adelaide Youth Theatre.