Chris Colyer

Chris has long held a love of history. He has collected antiques and Indigenous artefacts for the past 40 years.

In his working life Chris was as a social worker and drug counsellor in several government departments but later in his career he worked in community development at Unley Council and was involved with the wonderful Unley Museum.

Before retiring Chris called the Maritime Museum about volunteering and, in the event, he left Unley Council on a Friday and, refreshed after the weekend, started at the Museum the next Monday. Chris works with the curators and other volunteers managing the collection of over 20,000 artefacts. They record new objects that go into the Museum’s collection, cataloguing them and recording information about their history which is often at the heart of the significance of the artefacts as well as giving each a unique number so it can be tracked. The work also involves conservation, deciding which objects need to be sent to Artlab Australia for treatment and wrapping and storing artefacts in ways that preserve them. With the Museum’s calendar of public programs they spend a great deal of time moving objects as they go on or come off exhibition, or are lent to other institutions. Their work is vital to the preservation of the collection.

Chris says that after six years he finally feels he has an understanding of the breadth of the collection.