The South Australian Maritime Museum invites students to visit the museum and learn about the early European explorers that chartered the South Australian coast.

Students will explore the concepts of discovery, exploration, maritime history, cause and effect, perspectives, significance and life at sea.

SuitabilityYears 4 – 10

Cost:  $6 per student (without cruise)

             $8.50 with a Port River cruise

Students will:

  • Participate in a workshop to learn about the journeys of Mathew Flinders and Nicholas Baudin.
  • Identify the skills, attitudes and attributes that make a successful explorer
  • Explore our First Voyages exhibition and examine the tools explorers used and the discoveries they made
  • Use thinking and problem solving skills while using a clues, a map and tools to navigate through the museum
  • Climb the historic lighthouse for a birds eye view of the Port River and vessels
  • View the South Australian Maritime Museum exhibits