The South Australian Maritime Museum invites students to visit the museum and learn about the early European explorers that chartered the South Australian coast.

Students will explore the concepts of discovery, exploration, maritime history, cause, and effect, perspectives, significance and life at sea.

SuitabilityYears 4 – 10

Cost:  $6 per student (without cruise)

             $8.50 with a Port River cruise

Students will:

  • Participate in a workshop to learn about the journeys of Mathew Flinders and Nicholas Baudin.
  • Identify the skills, attitudes, and attributes that make a successful explorer
  • Explore our First Voyages exhibition and examine the tools explorers used and the discoveries they made
  • Use thinking and problem-solving skills while using clues, a map, and tools to navigate through the museum
  • Climb the historic lighthouse for a bird’s eye view of the Port River and vessels
  • View the South Australian Maritime Museum exhibits

Curriculum Outcomes:

Students will:

  • Use historical objects to develop an understanding of significant explorers who chartered the South Australian coast
  • Develop an understanding of how European exploration affected the lives of Aboriginal people
  • Describe the positive and negative experiences of these early explorers from different perspectives
  • Describe motivating factors that lead to exploration
  • Identify the skills and attributes of a successful explorer


Australian Curriculum: History

Key questions (Year 4) :

1.    Why do journeys of exploration occur?

2.    Why did the Europeans explore South Australia?

3.    What was the nature and consequence of contact between Aboriginal people and early explorers?


General Capabilities:

Literacy (listening, reading, viewing and speaking)

Numeracy (organise and interpret historical events and developments, analyses of data to make meaning of the past, mapping)

Critical and creative thinking (ask questions, locate and select information, develop interpretations, exploring the past)

Ethical behaviour (principles, values, and virtues, acting with moral integrity, acting with regard for others, critically exploring the character traits, actions and motivations of early South Australian explorers)

Personal and social competence (relationships between individuals)

Intercultural understanding (perspectives, beliefs and values of people, past and present)


Cross Curriculum Priorities:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures

Historical skills and understandings:

Chronology, terms, and concepts:        Sequence historical people and events

                                                                   Use and understand historical terms

Historical questions and research:       Pose a range of questions about the past

Analysis and use of sources:                Locate relevant information from sources provided

Perspectives and interpretations:         Identify different points of view

Explanation and communication:        Use a range of communication forms

Pre and post visit learning tasks – For use in the classroom to support a visit to the SA Maritime Museum

Print out a booklet and use our models to find out how early explorers navigated across the globe in the 19th century

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