Digging up the Past

The Maritime Museum and surrounding streets hold many clues to the history of the area. This program explores a local archeological excavation and provides hands-on experiences, using primary sources to interpret the past.

Suitability: Reception- Year 6


$5 per student

$7.50 per student (with a Port River cruise)

Availability: Monday – Friday


Program includes:

  • Visit to historic sites in and around the museum (self guided)
  • Age appropriate Maritime archaeology workshop with an education presenter
  • Explore the museum’s shipwreck exhibition
  • Climb the lighthouse
  • Australian Curriculum – Historical Skills:

Reception – Year 2:    

Distinguish between the past, present and future.

Identify and compare features of objects from the past and present.

Years 3 – 4:     

Locate relevant information from sources provided.

Identify different points of view.

Years 5 – 6:     

Use historical terms and concepts.

Compare information from a range of sources.