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South Australia on the Map 1606 to 2006

From Terra Incognita to Terra Australis the exhibition charted the history of the  Australian continent and its southern coast taking shape on world globes. View this event »

Quest for the South Magnetic Pole

Travelling exhibition
It was one of the longest quests in history. In 1600, scientist William Gilbert discovered the Earth was a giant magnet.  Later scientists and explorers dedicated themselves to understanding how this magnetic field worked.  They were driven partly by curiosity and partly by a desire to improve navigation.  By the 19th century they had worked out that a compass needle was pulled towards a magnetic rather than geographic pole.The exhibition traces one of the most bizarre, protracted quests in exploration history.  For over 150 years, using sailing ships and sledges, in one of the planet’s most hostile environments, explorers risked their lives to plant a flag at a shifting point on the Earth’s surface. Australians were involved at each stage of the quest and it was an Australian scientist, Charlie Barton, who finally claimed the prize in the year 2000. Developed in 2009 as a collaboration between  the SA Maritime Museum and the South Australian Museum, Quest for the South Magnetic Pole toured Australia over 2010 and 2011. The search for the South Magnetic Pole charts a history of polar exploration from Captain James Cook to Ernest Shackleton and Douglas Mawson.  View this event »

The Port Festival

Special event
The biannual Port Festival was held on the Maritime Museum’s doorstep on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October 2011. Lipson Street was closed for a program of drama, music and art and at dusk its heritage buildings were brought to life with spectacular illuminations. The Museum opened its doors to some special events to mark the occasion.  View this event »

The Adelaide Steamship Company, Australia's Longest Line

Temporary exhibition
For nearly 100 years Adelaide Steamship Company ships provided a ring road around Australia carrying cargo and passengers through war and peace. View this event »