Curatorial advice

Curators at the SA Maritime Museum are happy to provide advice about historical research and about the care of maritime heritage. However, while we are willing our numbers are limited and it can take some time to answer your enquiries. Here are some other sources of specialist information and advice that you may like to try.

Conserving historic objects

Artlab Australia is a South Australian government agency that provides conservation services for museums and private clients around the world. Artlab offers a free service to the general public on the care and conservation of works of art, historic items and family treasures. Please contact us to make an appointment with a specialised conservator.

Community museums

The Community History Unit, part of History SA, provides advice and support for community museums in South Australia. Their website includes videos on practical aspects of caring for heritage collections.

Shipwrecks The Department for Environment and Natural Resources manages shipwrecks in South Australia. Their website includes guides to wreck sites, ships graveyards and information about individual wrecks. If you have recovered an object from a wreck you should contact the Department on (08) 8226 4916.